Friday, 24 January 2014

Thoughts on a Difficult Week

Each Friday, I post a poem, a rhyme, some silliness, to my family and friends on Facebook. Each week I look back, think of the events we have had as a family and as a way of keeping in touch with people, I share a little of what we have experienced. Some weeks it'll take me a dozen attempts to post something I like, even if it really is only a little moment of daftness. This week, the words just flowed, and I thought I'd share them with you too. 

Stay safe and have a good weekend. 

Thoughts on a Difficult Week

What happened this week? What passed us all by? 
Who did we see? Did we laugh? Did we cry? 
Where did we go? Was it slow or quite fast? 
Why did we do it? Will the memories last? 

Did we take some time out with our families and friends? 
Did we need to say sorry, to perhaps, make amends? 
Did we travel a little, did we smile a lot? 
Did we help someone whose needs they'd felt were long forgot? 

Some shifts make me look with a new pair of eyes,
As sun rises each day, or sets in the skies.
Some shifts leave me cursing at cruelty unbound,
Yet counting my blessings at the goodness all round.

As a change, just for once, from the silly and daft,
I thought I'd make you think back to the last time you laughed.
Spend time this weekend, with those who make you smile,
And carry those smiles through the week for a while.