Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sounds of Life

We arrive at the hospital gates
mere seconds apart.
Two ambulances with lights flashing,
Sirens trailing off as we pull up
At the kerb.

They open their doors first,
Exposing their patient to nosey bystanders.
Some look shocked.
Some smile.
Some look away.
Pretend they don't see.
Or hear.
The hiss of the oxygen,
The ping of the monitor,
The instructions of the crew,
All the Sounds of a Life
being saved.

They turn right and disappear,
and as they do,
We turn left.

Our patient is bursting with life, albeit
In pain.
She's Expectant,
Scared and excited all at once.
All of a sudden, she screams.
She screams and curses and yells and cries.
And then another noise. A sigh.
And a second cry.
All the Sounds of a Life
being born.

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