Sunday, 25 October 2009

Target Practice

Targets. That's what it's all about, at least as far as the Government (and, I could cynically add, The Management, but wouldn't dare) is concerned.
Did the patient receive adequate care? Irrelevant.
Did the patient live or die? Irrelevant.
Just targets.
8 minutes to here.
19 minutes to there.
75% of 8 minutes.
95% for the 19's.
50 minutes per call. Start to finish.
20 minutes at the hospital.
No more than 3 toilet breaks in any 12 hours.
Targets. Just targets.
Well, Dear Government (and see cynical comment above), last night I beat them all. In one hit.
How? Well, my patient was seen, treated, transported and arrived at hospital all before he'd even called the Ambulance Service.
Oh, how I love it when the clocks are turned back...
I bet the number crunchers do too!


Anonymous said...

I like that. Maybe they should mess around with the clocks more often.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So, maybe you can answer an issue I've been wondering about... how did you handle this on your PRF? What did you put for on scene/at hospital times etc?

Fee said...

Marty McFly eat your heart out! Time travelling ambulances are definitely the way to go.

Tom said...

lol. Loved that, and has got my trekkie heart beating.

How about a Dr. Who solution to the response and performance times?

Not target, but TARDIS times..

Ben Yatzbaz said...

Thanks all for your comments! On The Road - I was very creative with the times... all I did was write BST (as in British Summer Time) and the GMT after the clocks had changed next to the times themselves... Still thought it was pretty cool to finish the call before it'd even started!!! :)