Saturday, 6 March 2010

Happy Blogaversary!

1 year.
52 weeks.
365 days.
Lots of ramblings.
180 posts later, and I have reached the 1st anniversary of the Insomniac's Guide.
It started as a bit of an experiment, that no-one else would ever read.
Now it's a total addiction with its own withdrawal symptoms if I don't blog for more than two days at a time.
Those of you who follow my writings - be you one of the first or one of the most recent - thank you.
Thank you for sharing the undulations of emotion.
Thank you for your encouragement and your comments.
Thank you for reading the scribblings of a lunatic, whose thoughts should probably have remained his own.
Thank you for enabling this insomniac to try and improve his own little world - and hopefully, even just a little, improve yours too.
Here's to next year!


Capt. Schmoe said...

Congrats on a year of quality posting. Well done. Here's to insomnia!

Joe said...

Congratulations! I've thoroughly enjoyed every post so far, and look forward to reading your next 180 posts!

Anonymous said...

thank you for writing such great pieces. as a budding irish paramedic i find your writing inspirational

Fee said...

Thanks for your blog! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!
Keep writing, I love it!

molliemallone said...

Happy First Anniversary, traditionally paper - maybe it's time to put pen to paper and write a book! Well done, and thank you for sharing your experiences, always good for provoking some deep thinking!

Eileen said...

Thank you for putting in the time. It's always a brighter moment when I see you have a new post!

Internal Optimist said...

I hope to keep reading you for the year to come, always interesting! Thanks for giving your time.

Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the first blogs on my favourites I look at when I log on. Thank you for your writing, your compassion and your humour. You brighten my days