Thursday, 3 March 2011

Writer's Block

There are about half a dozen unfinished posts in the drafts folder, and I can't finish any of them. I'm not sure I'm enough of an author to really call it writer's block, but it's definitely some sort of block. Dozens of ideas are scribbled in tiny notes at the back of my diary, hieroglyphics decipherable only to skilled Egyptologists and myself, and all are waiting to be converted into normalspeak. For some reason, this week I just can't seem to do it.

There are tragedies, traumas, and tears, there are even some simple smiles. Yet, at the moment, I can't bring any of them to life. So in an effort to break the block, I thought I'd write about it. Some posts take me minutes to compose, some take days, even weeks from when I start them until they see the light of day.

Some deal with unspeakable horrors, with the volume turned down, some are simple stories glammed up for effect, but all have one thing in common. They're all about my brief encounters with people, how these people affect me, how their lives affect me, and once in a while, I hope, how I affect their lives too.

I'm selfish really. I write this blog, first and foremost, for me. It's a record of things I've seen and done, an outlet for frustrations, and an inlet for support from my readers. At the same time, however, I want to let you, the reader, into a world hidden from general view. And to do that, I try to involve you in this world, to make you feel a part of it, hopefully make it seem like you can see the sights, hear the sounds, sense the emotions.

Sometimes I can do it. Sometimes, like this week, the hieroglyphics at the back of the diary remain a mystery, even to me.


Joe said...

Has that helped?

I think having written such powerful posts for the last 2 and-a-bit years entitles you perfectly to call it writer's block!

I hope you manage to shift it, and that the blog remains a positive outlet rather than a chore!

Looking forward to seeing some of your unfinished work come to light!

Anonymous said...

Not selfish at all , that's me popping in every day to hear the latest.
you have a wonderfull way with words that speak volumes,

Oneunder said...

Just sleep on it and the answer will come to you;)

InsomniacMedic said...

Joe and Anon - Thanks both. It's never a chore; maybe an addiction now, but never a chore :)
Oneunder - Sleep on it? Hahahaha!!!

Nicki said...

First of all, you are totally worthy of using the term "writer's block" to refer to your block!! Second, I went on a call just before midnight last night for the possible stroke. Routine call but I felt horrible. I asked the patient to name the person standing next to him. "I never met him in my life" was the response. I asked the man next to the patient if they knew each other and he replied, "I am his son." I wanted to cry for him..for all of them. After doing this for 13 years, that stuff still gets to me. Just wanted to share that. Lastly, a blog friend of mine posts her thought fragments when she can't put them into something cohesive and it is very successful!! That may be an option for you!

Oneunder said...

To be more serious:

Speaking to a couple of professional author friends (you do qualify as an author), they all have boxes of ideas that are not ready to be finished or that they are not yet ready to finish.
They actually regard this as a sign of a good writer. One good friend calls them “nebula ideas, not quite ready to show their full potential”.

Nicki said...

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award and am nominating you as well cuz, well, whether you like it or not, I thought you were award-worthy! If you have already received this award and you don’t want another one or awards aren’t your “thing,” I completely understand. Just know that you are loved by me and no need to do anything more about it! If awards are your thing and you would like your award, come check it out on my site at I hope you have a great day!!!

InsomniacMedic said...

Nicki - Thank you! Both for your support and especially the award! :) Will give it some thought... In the meantime, I've often seen people link to my blog through yours, so it's only fair that I repay the favour. Look out for a link soon.
Oneunder - "Nebula ideas." I like it, and will work with it!

Nicki said...

That is so nice of you! Thanks!!