Thursday, 5 May 2011


"It's my ninety-ninth birthday today!" Said the gentleman at the polling booth this morning. He walked unaided, no stick, no frame, and looked the picture of good health. 

One of the officials in the hall showed her amazement. "You look incredible for seventy, leave alone ninety-nine!" 

"I don't take medicines, and I've never seen a doctor or been to hospital, either." 

"What, never?" 

"Well, except once. That was after I fell out the sky after being shot down over France during the war. Broke my leg then, but was back flying six weeks later." 

The four ladies monitoring the voting all stood up and applauded, and everyone else in the hall joined in. One of them, having put down her newspaper and pencil, asked him what his secret to a long life was. 

"Very simple!" He said. "Just make sure you wake up every single morning for a very long time!"


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Old people are awesome! I love his advice!

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Absolutely Awesome !!!!!!!

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Awesome Story

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Great stuff!

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