Monday, 30 May 2011


Just as I'd started to get over the trauma of the call itself, a reminder arrived through the internal mail. 

The Coroner was requesting a report. 

As I sat for the next two hours typing out everything as I remembered it, or as a copy of my paperwork reminded me, I wondered how much I would have changed given the chance to press a delete button and rewrite the script just as I was doing to ensure the accuracy of my report. 

Thinking back to the call, I wouldn't have changed a thing. The team worked well, the skills were flawless, the professionalism without blemish. 

But as I typed out the last line of the conclusion, I realised that there was one thing that needed to be crossed out and rewritten, one thing, that if given the chance I'd never have sent in to the editors for printing. 

The final page of the script. 

Sometimes we don't write the scripts. Sometimes we're merely characters within it. 


JB said...

and when we do write them...they turn out pretty good.

Shell1972 said...

If only we could rewrite that finally scene sometimes huh ?? Been there ..

Chris S said...

Sometimes despite the characters best efforts the editor will throw in a curve ball and the script changes beyond anything we could have done/thought...

Never nice to relive 'those' jobs.

Michael Morse said...

This non-fiction stuff really sucks sometimes.