Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Picture on the Wall

A smiling face adorns the walls,
in frames all shapes and sizes,
Holding trophies, hugging dad,
bringing home surprises.

A quick look round the house again,
whilst clearing up the mess,
Certificates of excellence,
no signs of any stress.

Yet here we are, police are too,
looking at the rope.
That piece of ragged, torn up towel
that's stolen all your hope.

Your smiling face, a child so proud,
watched us as we tried.
Tried to save your dying dad,
'Til that silent face then cried.

I never met you, little one,
but know one thing for sure.
We tried our hardest, tried it all,
until there was no more.

All that pride there in your eyes,
as you stand with your team.
Your face will stay there, in my mind,
play havoc in my dreams.

I'd hate to see those eyes go dim,
I'd hate to see those tears.
Just to imagine your heart break,
brings out my deepest fears.

Your smiling face adorns the walls,
despite the sight so grim.
I'm sorry we weren't good enough,
to give you back to him.


Anonymous said...

Oh, god. How do you ever manage to sleep after calls like that? I'd have nightmares....

Anonymous said...

A long time ago I learned about compartmentalization. You do your best to help those who need it, then walk away. If you take the cares of those you have tried to help, with you, you won't be able to help the next person who comes along needing your support.
Put the hurt, fears, frustration in a compartment close the door to the box and put it in a safe place, and walk away.
Its the only way, I have found to deal with the over whelming pain of some situations that are beyond my control.

Sasha' Mum