Friday, 20 January 2012

DVT Confusion

When is a DVT, or deep-vein thrombosis, more dangerous to an ambulance crew than it is to the patient who's had one? Consider the following conversation:

Medic: "Does your husband have any medical conditions?"

WifeOfPatient: "Yes, he's diabetic and has high blood pressure."

Medic: "Any medications?"

WOP: "Oh, lots, I'll show you the list." A list is promptly produced. On there, alongside medications for the ailments already mentioned, is warfarin.

Medic: "Why is he on warfarin?"

WOP: "Oh, that's to thin the blood."

Medic: "Yes, well we know that bit. But why does he need his blood thinned?"

WOP: "Oh, he's got that thing, you know, the thing that's like a video or television thing."

Medic: "Pardon? What's TV got to do with blood thinners?"

WOP: "You know, that new-fangled thing they use to watch films now!"

Medic: "Nope. Still confused."

WOP: "Oh! I remember now. It's that thing in his leg. A DVD! Told you it was like a telly..."

Just so you know, it's a little difficult to treat your patient when you and your crew mate are having fits of the giggles...


hilinda said...

At least she remembered, so you didn't have to spend the next few hours (or days!) trying to figure out the connection between TV and blood thinners.

The one I'm still trying to figure out is the person I was told had "a squiggly thing in her cranium."

jimbo26 said...

Pretty close !

Anonymous said...

A patient last week forgot the word for toes so called them his 'foot fingers', we found this highly amusing.

Robin said...

Did you find the remote?

MouseyMoomin said...

TeeHee. Brilliant, at least you got a smile out of the day eh?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - my mrs does have foot fingers...

kellyhanratty said...

Foot fingers? Hilarious. I love my job