Thursday, 10 December 2009


Well done to all those involved in stopping this idiot BEFORE someone was killed.

Wonder if the book they threw made any impression to his numbed brain?


Fee said...

Good God, he could barely walk. People like this make an excellent case for crushing the cars of convicted drink drivers.

Capt. Schmoe said...

...And the way he got into his car through the passenger's side door plus driving on the wrong side of the road must have been a clue as wel... Er wait. Sorry.

Actually, we in the states struggle a bit with CCTV, privacy and all that. It is our slightly paranoid nature I guess. The use of CCTV is on the rise, though we are many, many years behind you.

Oddly enough, the TV networks ran a story very similar to yours with a very drunk individual staggering to his car, then driving off. It was caught be a small city's CCTV camera. The driver was soon arrested, no damage done.

They do serve a purpose I guess.

Thanks for the post.

Tom said...


I think they will ned a bigger and heavier book to penetrate a brain that numb.