Friday, 22 January 2010

First Day Nerves

I think that I might be alone on this one, so I'm putting my neck on the line a little.
I still clearly remember my first day in this job, my first call, and the bag of nerves that I was as I sat on station waiting for the phone to ring.
BUT... Am I the only person who still gets a kind of "First Day Nerves" when going back to work after a relatively short time off?
I was back this week for a normal set of shifts after having worked only one shift in practically two weeks, and was a little nervous. I kept urging the phone or the MDT to ring and send me on a call, just to get the first one out the way, and reassure me that I hadn't forgotten everything I know.
Once I've done that first call, it's like I've never been away, but it is a little weird that still, several years down the line, I go through that anxiety every single time I come back to work after even a short stint away...
So go on. Tell me.
Am I completely mad? (Anyone who knows me will instantly say "YES" to that one, so behave yourselves!)
Am I the only one who gets nervous coming back to work after only a few days off?
Am I really the only one who gets anxious about coming back to work, in case I've forgotten everything I ever knew?
Answers, as ever, either on a postcard or, if you so wish, in the comments!


Capt. Schmoe said...

Somehow, I don't think that you are the only one. I don't think that it goes away with age. In fact, I am just speculating that it may get worse with age, not better.

I believe that is why EVERYONE I know that has retired and came back for a visit after a year or two,look years younger than they did when they left.

I'm just guessin'.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about feeling nervous but I only get that when i've been away on hols / left the country - i'm scared that everything has changed when i've been gone. On a daily basis, I like to get the first job out of the way and am always slightly apprehensive until I have done so as it feels like my day hasn't started! SLM

Sue's views said...

It's certainly something I'e seen and experienced when people have been off sick for a week or two - so no longer than a holiday, but unexpected. Not seen it with people who are planned to be having fairly short gaps, similar to your shifts.

K said...

I'm back to work tonight after a couple of weeks off and I'm nervous already! I know I'll be fine, but it's not just you I promise...

Fee said...

I don't worry about forgetting how to do my job (paper pushing isn't exactly rocket science) but I DO worry about having to make the humiliating call to the helpdesk to reset the password I've forgotten after time off. I mean, that's partially what they're there for, but I find it makes me blush every time I do it! We're completely forbidden to write them down, before someone suggests that, and it's a sacking offence if you're caught.

Anonymous said...

You are most definately mad but not alone. After two months off the road i'm glad i'll be coming back to a lovely crew mate who'll hold my hand..... and secretly snigger behind my back. Sx

InsomniacMedic said...

Thanks all! Good to know that I'm not going completely nuts all on my own...
Keep the comments coming!

mack505 said...

I don't worry about forgetting my job, but after a vacation it takes a few calls to get back 'in the groove.'

medic999 said...

Hi Ben,

I have to be honest and say that I dont worry that I have forgotten everything, however, if I have been away for about 2 weeks, I certainly have a feeling of trepidation during my first shift back.

I was seconded into HQ for a management job for 15months a couple of years back. Even though I had done some OT during that period, when I came back onto the road, it took a good little while to really get back into the swing of things.

However, I would always rather feel a little nervous compared to 'cocky' and over confident.

Nothing wrong with you mate, not by a long shot!

Elisabeth said...

Being fairly new to this job I was wondering if I was the only one getting that nervous feeling, even after only two days between shifts. Glad to know I'm not alone there. :)

LP said...

i'm a new reader to your blog and am slowly working my way through all of your past posts! i don't think it's strange at all...i have a saturday job in retail (having just been studying my a-levels) and a week or two off from that and i get nervous. i can't imagine what it must be like going back to what can be a life or death emergency! brilliant blog by the way.

hilinda said...

I'm also a new reader, reading back through the posts since Mrs999 lamented that you aren't in the EMS blog of the year finals.
No, you are not alone.
It isn't that I worry I've forgotten everything, as much as it is I worry that I'll miss something. That the time off will have dulled my observational skills.
But so far, every time we get a call after not having had any for a while, it is the patient who brings me back to myself and refocuses me on what I need to do. It's part of me now.
I don't know why it is that there is always that slight fear, as if I COULD forget everything.
I do appreciate an "easy" call to get me back into the swing of things, though.
Really enjoying the blog, by the way.