Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Normal thought process:
9 months.
Got a twinge.
I know.
I'll call an ambulance.
Had a strange experience recently. Someone I know very well was pregnant. Overdue even. She's young, never been pregnant before, except for the last nine months, so didn't really know what to expect.
She did the strangest thing. She asked her family, several of whom have been through the same thing over the past few years for help, advice, guidance, tips. Anything that may assist her in this weird new world.
Then, finally, what seemed like 2 months late, she went into labour. She wasn't sure it was labour, so she called her family again. They said it sounded very much like she was in labour. So she called the hospital. They said she should come in. It was time.
Except that she has no car.
So she did something even stranger. In the middle of the night, she phoned her nearest relative and asked for a ride to the hospital. She didn't call an ambulance! Can you believe it? What sort of odd behaviour is that?
Said relative took her and remarkably calm hubby to hospital, dropped them off, and waited for news.
Several hours later, still in the middle of the night, the news arrived. As had the baby. And all was well.
And not a maternataxi ambulance in sight!
Who knew???
PS - Congratulations!


slmiller72 said...

Music to my ears this entry. Why can't all women be so sensible?

Pehaps if we started charging for "maternataxis" this would a) put people off b) income generate for the service.

I always say to any pregnant friends that they do not require an amb to go to hospital ( unless there is a huge MEDICAL problem). Even some of them give me strange looks until I edumacate them!! :)

Anonymous said...

Common Sense isn't completely dead!

Fee said...

Back in the day, when I was young(er) and pregnant with my first, pride of place beside the phone went to my "list". The list contained the phone numbers of all those who'd vounteered to take us to hospital (day or night) and their availability. Made the trip safely in my neighbour's little black car. Fast forward, second child, same scenario. Much faster labour, two hours in and the contractions are 3 minutes apart. Still didn't phone an ambulance, because I was convinced I'd make it in the car. I did, although my brother driving like Schumacher with too much caffeine on board nearly caused an involuntary push or two!

I agree with the first comment - unless an ambulance was medically necessary, send them a bill. They've had nine months to organise a lift or save for a taxi.

Anonymous said...

Living in a country with (very) limited ambulances, I'd have had my kid by the time the matrenataxi arrived, so it's an odd concept to begin with!

- Nandipha

InsomniacMedic said...

Thanks all for your comments as usual!
Nandipha - out of curiosity - where are you???

MarkUK said...

Give the woman the Queen's Award for Common Sense!

Oy Va Goy said...

Mazel Tov to her!

"he's young, never been pregnant before, except for the last nine months"

That made me giggle!

mark said...

I've spent all morning trying to work out who it is!!!!
MT to all!

Anonymous said...

Hi IM -- Swaziland :)

- Nandipha