Thursday, 18 February 2010


You must be very bored, sir.

Desperately in need of some company, or maybe just some warmth.

Physical or emotional.

And whilst I'm at it, you must be very clever too.

You know the magic words that will get you the ambulance, and get it quickly.

However, you sealed your own fate on being taken seriously before we'd ever turned up.

When the computer says that the patient himself has made the call, it's acceptable.

Even commonplace.

If the patient himself says whether he is breathing well, or sometimes not, it's normal.

But when the patient himself says that he's unconscious?

Well that's just plain crazy.

Still, the computer agreed with you.

You got your quick response.

That too, much like, and possibly much more than your supposed ailment, is just downright ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...


A bit like the computer system...