Sunday, 20 November 2011

Putting Their Lives on the Line

Police officers stabbing sceneI was at home enjoying some family time when it happened. But just hours after the horrendous incident in north-west London that left four police officers with serious injuries after being stabbed, I was back on duty, and this time, not a million miles away from the scene.

At a totally unrelated call, an RTC, the police had to block the road for a few minutes so that we could treat our patient safely. A driver caught up in the traffic approached one of the officers, stood toe-to-toe, and through gritted teeth and a with a horrible snarl commented: "It's no wonder you lot get stabbed."

I'm not sure I would have been as restrained as this officer was.

The police have to put up with a lot more abuse than we do, and take greater risks too. If there's a call that sounds a little suspect, we'll ask for police attendance and hide around the corner until we know it's safe. Yesterday's incident proves once again how big that risk often is. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the police, what they do, and what they sometimes have to put up with, especially as they've saved me from a serious pounding on numerous occasions.

I hope and pray that those injured make a full and speedy recovery, both of body and soul. They deserve it.

And as far as the idiot driver who had been inconvenienced for a few minutes, well, I can't really tell you what I hope and pray for him. But I'm sure you can well imagine.


TomVee said...

A nice start would be to withdraw his driver's license and nit hand it back until he's starting to take anger management classes.
Or, preferably, the bus.

rob said...

Wishing a speedy recovery to all of the officers. Poor buggers.

TAZ THE AMBO said...

The same sentiment from this side of the globe too.

MSgt B said...

I know your boys don't carry guns, but perhaps a nice Tazer would have come in handy?
They're quite the rage here.

Hope they recover well.