Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Steps

A parent's life changes forever on an almost daily basis.
The day a baby's born.
The first smile.
The first tooth.
The first "Mama", "Dada".
The first crawl.
The first steps.
The first fall down an unguarded flight of stairs.
The first broken leg.
The first ambulance.
The first hospital visit.
The first steps again.
Months later.

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Fee said...

I was that child ... my mum still carries the guilt, despite the considerable time-lapse and the complete lack of any lingering problems. I fell down the stairs so often I was like a little human slinky! Stair gates were installed, but they weren't as tricky to open as today's versions, and I soon worked out how to defeat them. My abiding memory of that day is the ride to hospital with the siren sounding, to my immense glee (limb having been immobilised and pain-killers given).