Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Making Friends

Michael Morse, one of the best EMS bloggers out there, has written a humbling, haunting, heartfelt post as he hits twenty years on the front line, both in Fire and EMS. In it he speaks of the sights, sounds and smells of all those years, the ghosts and how he thought he could face them all, and how they have affected him over the years. Follow the link and read the post.

Dozens of people commented, offering support, strength and reassurance. Some even expressed their gratitude.

One response in particular stood out for me. This one from Ambulance Driver - another one of the big hitters in the EMS blogging world.

"You will never, ever be able to banish all the faces.

But you can, with a little time and perspective, make friends with the ghosts."

I'm nowhere near twenty years in. But I know exactly what they mean. Both of them.

And I'm still making friends.


michael said...

Thanks for the link, IM, and nice words. I had a huge increase in traffic today, when I looked to see why, it was all visits from none other than The Insomniac Medic!

As for still making friends, as cold and impersonal a place as the internet you would be hard pressed to find, but when it is good, it works miracles. Through these posts and shared experiences, a friendship is formed unlike the traditional kind, but better in a lot of ways.

I've made a lot of friends with the ghosts, and fellow medic and bloggers as well!

sarah archer said...

Thanks to Random Acts of Reality - thank you Tom/Brian I found your blog to which I am now hooked, thank you for your wonderfull gift of words and for the link to Michael Morse and the truly awsome "twenty" which had me in tears.
It's gointo take a while to read all the blogs so I'd just like to thank you now for keeping me up into the small hours - hehe
bless you all

Anonymous said...

Shit, that link had me in tears...